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Best Essay Proofreading and Editing Tips
Posted By: Amanda

proofreading and editing service

It is not easy as it seems. Proofreading is never an easy task, especially if you don’t know the inclusions of this process and the point from which you should start. It in short is a procedure of checking the written thesis or dissertation paper for typos, sentence construction problems, style issues, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors etc. 

Underlying phases are there in the process and be sure that you take care of certain important things during all these phases. Only by this, you can fetch results as per your expectations. 

Phase 1: Before you proofread

After finishing the paper, take rest for a while. Get engaged in other activities and free your mind from the academic things. Thus, when you come back to proofread the paper, you will be starting with a fresh pair of eyes. This can be more active. 

You should take a print out. Reading from digital screen is never that effective. Pen and paper will surely help you to notice errors more quickly. 

Have with you a list of things that you want to check. Thus your time will be saved and you will not feel frustrated. Refer to the previous assignments done and look for what your instructors noted as errors. 

Phase 2: During proofreading

You should spare enough time for the process. Don’t rush things as if you do so, many mistakes will be left unnoticed and you will involuntary overlook even critical faults.  Read carefully and slowly thus giving your eyes more than enough time for spotting and fixing errors. 

Reading louder has many advantages when compared to silent reading. You will notice those awkward transitions, organization and grammatical errors as well as run-on sentences etc. You can read aloud to any of your friends or to yourself. Also, you can make them to read aloud. All these help. 

You can make use of ‘Search’ feature in the document from your computer to spot the common errors you usually tend to make. Reverse proofreading is an operative technique in which you read one sentence at a time from the document’s end rather than from the beginning. Thus you will be forced to focus on that particular sentence instead of ideas as a whole. 

When you read, think from the shoes of your audience. This helps you to tweak the paper in a better manner more likely to be acceptable and appreciated. 

Phase 3: When proofreading is done

Get external help. Ask you friend to have a look at the paper after the corrections are identified and proofreading is done by you. A person foreign to your paper may easily notice things that you may have accidently left unobserved. You may also get in touch with any of the subject matter experts or writing tutors to reassure that the work done meets decent standards. 

If you are equipped with all the above tips, results will surely be great. Proofreading is inevitable for assuring perfection of the written content. Carry out proofreading strategically to get better grades. 

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