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Compare and Contrast Essay Conclusion Tips
Posted By: Olivia

Compare and Contrast Essay Conclusion

To make comparison and contrast in the essay conclusion requires the understanding about what is essay conclusion. When one compare and contrast essay conclusion, then one came to the introduction part. This introduction pat emphasizes more on the paragraphs. The paragraphs are sometimes four- five in number. These paragraphs should be mentioned by the student. The essay writing is a good piece of work.

The student while writing essay should consider essay conclusion. This essay conclusion at first part is compare and the second part is contrast. It means to compare and contrast essay conclusion means that there should essay that need to understand first. The essay should be understood first then only a good essay can be written.

The essay has two parts; one is comparing and second is contrast. When one is comparing then it means that they are compared in the present context. The comparison of essay makes the comparison between the two. It should also include the fact that second part consists of contrast. Contrast means that there is difference of opinion in the essay. 

The contrast is the term that is used to differentiate the opinion. When you contrast something or some view, you say something that is totally different from it. While writing essays one should remember the general rules of English sentence structure. When one compare and contrast essay conclusion then one find it easy to distribute the essay into paragraphs. If it’s short or brief essay then paragraph should amount to tree in number. If the essay is to long then it should be around 7-8 paragraphs of around 1000-1500 words. When someone wants to compare the essay, the some factor should be taken into consideration. It includes what the essay topic is? What essay is to be written about?

Why to choose such essay: compare and contrast between the two. Make comparison between the topics. This comparison should be followed by different process in writing. The comparison means that to compare the topic. In the argumentative essay there is made comparison and contrast between the particular topics. Suppose the topic is e-learning helpful to students? 

Then it should be known that comparing the two will result in favorable and against the topic. So, the student must understand this. It is said that contrast part consists of difference in the opinion. Thus, contrast the essay means that there should be like and unlike opinions that are shared. The purpose of the compare and contrast essay conclusion of the two distinct topic is to analyze the differences or similarities.

The points should be meaningful in nature. The words that are meaningless should be avoided. It should be kept in mind that here the conclusion is compared and contrast of the two different conclusions. The two different topics are related to conclusion. The conclusion follows with the good statements. These statements should be conclusive in nature. It should be like to compare first then contrast. Secondly compare in the last paragraph and contrast in these last paragraph.

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