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how to write a good essay? Tips
Posted By: Jenniffer

how to write a good essay

When you search online how to write a good essay, you may get bombarded with countless essay writing tips for writing essays for academic purposes. There are also many how to guides that can help but seldom do they illuminate the process in a clear, simple and understandable manner. Here, the process of how to write a good essay is detailed essay writing tips in the way you can easily comprehend and apply in your next writing assignment. 

Step 1:

Selecting a topic

Sometimes you have no other choice but to write on the topic already assigned to you. But still, you can analyse the paper type you want to create. Are you planning to produce a general overview? Do you need to analyse a subject specifically? Do you aware of how to write a good essay?

If you are not asked to write on a particular topic, you may think that it is great and something comfortable. But sorry! NO. In fact, some more work has to be done. Simply selecting a topic is good for nothing and it is not going to fetch you the grade you deserve. You must choose a topic that is not just interesting but also relevant as far as your syllabi or subject is concerned. The basic thing is to define your aim. You want to persuade or educate? After that think of different topics and note them down. Then select the one about which you feel more confident. 

Step 2

Organize your ideas

To assure that you have a direction and are moving towards success, organize your ideas and exicute the best essay writing tips. Whatever things are in your mind, put it on a paper and you will definitely be able to find some connection between different points. The structure thus built will serve as a foundation upon which you can erect your paper. 

Better thing would be to diagrammatically place your ideas on a broadsheet. Draw lines from the subject and write main ideas towards the end of lines drawn.  Draw more lines to and from, circles, charts or anything to make your brainstorming process easier. 

Step 3

Start with a thesis statement

After sorting out the ideas and categorizing them adequately, form a thesis statement. This is to tell your readers the actual gaol of the essay and it is very important to understand when you are searching for how to write a good essay. Have a look on the ideas generated in step 2. Statement of a thesis generally comprises of two parts. First part tells the topic while the other defines the purpose. 

Step 4

Create the introduction, body and conclusion

Your introduction must invite people to explore more owing to curiosity. It should be an attention grabber. The purpose of body is to argue or explain your topic. Every idea you had developed will have separate sections in the body. Start with the chief idea and support it with the lines that follow. Leave space initially between different points to later come back and fill in with more details. Conclude with a final perspective you have established. 

After complete work is done, you have to do add more details to the spaces between different points to make the links stronger and thus thesis essay more effective. Finally copyedit and proofread. You will have a little information on how to write a good essay now. Always read the online articles about essay writing tips.

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