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Poverty in America Essay
Posted By: Jennifer

Poverty in America Essay

Poverty is the state of deprivation where the actual amount of money or material possessions does not have a role to play. The most common measure of the poverty in America is that of the poverty threshold. According to US census bureau, the official poverty rate is 12.7% and that year there were 43.1 million Americans who lived in poverty. This poverty in America essay also tells us about the major function and growth of this mechanism that tends to bring down the America and its poor conditions. The condition that relates to poverty in America is linked to it in different ways.

The most important thing is that while writing about poverty in America essay I stress more about what is difference between poverty in America and poverty in developing countries. The situation is totally different because in the developing countries sometimes, the poverty uproot is not at all possible and there are many poor who lives with the lowest of the lowest income. While in the developed country like America, the poverty remains the main cause of concern, yet when as compared to developing country it seems to be more effective in the nature. This poverty in America essay describes about the poverty conditions in America and this is related to the changing trends in the country economy. When the country economy gets changed then it is found that these changes are the result of many factors that will help to describe the most part of the America. 

With these economies there is very thing that comes to change and economy no doubt plays an important role for those who have high value of standards for the living of a good life. This poverty is the major cause that arises from several other factors also. Another causes of the poverty as mentioned in poverty in America essay is that related to the over-population. This population is all related to the increasing in size. When the population increases then there is caused the poverty in the nation. With respect to this, there is always the same thing that causes the people to have better sayings on the different culture and traditions. With these cultures they also have the direct link with the people. This overpopulation is the other major factor of poverty in America. There are also the steps that are taken to end this. While writing down about poverty in America essay, one should also consider the factor like environmental problems. 

With these environmental problems that there used to have positive implications and with the result of which there should be negligible amount of the qualities that are uprooted there. The environmental problem are directly linked to the poverty in the manner that when there is lack of rainfall then people do not want to reside at such place so the food production is reduced as consequently there is downward slope in the people who chooses to live in the area. Therefore, this is an important factor of the poverty.

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