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Writing book reviews- things to be taken care of - tips and guide
Posted By: Amanda

writing a book review

Book reviews are meant to furnish with an appraisal of the positives and negatives of a book. There is a common misconception that book reports and reviews are the same. However, book report unlike of review is something that deals with the description of events in a work. The focus is mainly on detailing characters, main plots and the idea involved. Let us have a peek on different aspects and things to take care of if you are planning to write a book review. 

Before you start the reading process

Looking into certain primary details will be helpful to start with. Check the author name and have an idea of his other works, the awards he has won and his typical style. Note the genre of book- fiction, nonfiction, poetry, romance or scientific. Also check who the target audience are. Analyse the success of title to communicate the idea. The arrangement of book- sections or chapter. 

During the reading process

While reading, calculate in your mind the structure you will implement for review writing.  Have an eye on the characters included, themes and style adopted, arguments made and key ideas put forward. Gauge the impact made by each character to the story and check the contribution of theme to the work. You should scrutinize how arguments are being supported. More importantly, examine how the work is unique or good. 

Starting to write

The best way to initiate is by starting with the background or a small summary but don’t go into any details; be concise with what your present. One of the main pitfalls seen in most reviews is that only first few chapters are reviewed and it fails to show justice as the writing proceeds. This should not happen. If you plan things well in advance, such mishaps will never occur. The final portion of review illuminates your person opinion. 

There are some important points that must be kept in mind.

Remember that the audience for which you are writing the review may not have read the book. So, it is obvious that you should introduce the characters and all vital details in a deliberate and careful manner. 

Most important issues dealt in the book should only be mentioned. Reviewing everything within the word limit or time limit is not feasible. Be sure that you don’t left out the really relevant information. Put light on the main research or subject and for it what the author has considered. 

Review is actually about critical evaluation not mere process of informing readers about the matter. So, carry out assessments painstakingly and present them in a lucid and crystal clear language to which your readers can easily connect. 

You must not submit your book review without revising. It can do serious damage. Find and omit spelling mistakes and typos. Double check most crucial information including author as well as character names, publisher and special terminologies. 

Only a sincere and unique review can get you great grades. So, be careful to be honest and do enough reading and researching before you submit the final work for assessment to your examiner. 

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